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Loch Measc Single Malt Whiskey

Loch Measc Single Malt is made using only the finest malt barley and clear water from Loch Measc. Our twice distilled spirit is aged in American and European oak barrels. The whiskey production style results in a rich, complex flavour with a hint of spiciness and a satisfying lingering aftertaste. We will have peated and unpeated single malts. Our whiskey is currently in production and we mature for a minimum of 3 years so our first whiskey will be available soon.

Loch Measc Gin
Our gin is inspired by the wild fuschia and honeysuckle that grow in glorious abundance around Lough Mask and the distillery. A glorious abundance of botanicals thrive around our distillery. Ours is a confident, juniper led gin that packs a flavoursome punch and leaves you with a taste of the wild Irish countryside. Makes an excellent G&T and is designed to work brilliantly in a classic Negroni.

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Loch Measc Vodca
Yes, we spell it vodca - that's the spelling for vodka in the Irish language! Ours is dedicated to those on a pilgrimage to find the holy grail of small batch vodca. We make ours from the finest grains and using the purest waters from Lough Mask. Our vodca is made in copper stills, imparting a smoothness and flavour that marks it out. 

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